Prescription Drug Pricing



Did you know that big chain retail pharmacies DO NOT disclose the amount of your insurance’s reimbursement for your prescription drugs to their pharmacy staff? The reasoning behind this secrecy used to be that they did not want the staff to know how much the pharmacy was making.  Today, they don’t want the staff to know how much the pharmacy is NOT making!  Reimbursement rates for prescription drugs have rapidly declined over the years, and chain pharmacies have shifted the focus from pharmacy sales to front store sales in order to make money. The pharmacy is positioned to draw customers into a store to make general merchandise purchases.  This is why the pharmacy counter is typically located in a section of the store visible somewhere beyond a sea of merchandise.  As you circumnavigate your way through the store clutching your prescription. you become distracted with sales tags jutting out of aisles and bargain baskets strategically blocking your path.  Before you know it, your prescription is in your back pocket to free your hands to grab things you don’t need at prices that seem irresistibly affordable.  I mean, how could you not purchase a $2 DVD of Jean-Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer?personcountingpillsinatray

At Dr. Z’s Pharmacy our staff has complete visibility of all insurance claim reimbursements for prescription drugs.  In most cases, insurance companies pass in excess of 100% of the reimbursement total to the carrier-YOU-in the form of a co-payment. That’s right, you pay everything!  This means that in most cases of billing for generic drugs your insurance company pays zero dollars to the pharmacy but adjudicates the claim for co-payments of $5 or $10 which you have to pay.  These co-payments in no way reflect the cost of medication, and in most cases you will save money by paying out-of-pocket.  At Dr. Z’s Pharmacy we accept all major insurance drug plans, but we recognize that we can save our patients money by alerting them when their prescription insurance does not best serve their pocketbook.

Why do we do this? We certainly would benefit by collecting inflated co-payments, but in cases where we pay $3 for a bottle of 1000 tablets, how could we honestly charge $5 or $10 for a month’s supply of 30 tablets?  We will always find the best price available, and we can even locate specific generic brands if you happen to have a preference for a product that has worked in the past.

Illinois residents, please visit our website at to submit an online form to transfer your prescriptions.  We provide same-day delivery service in the Chicagoland area and next-day delivery service throughout Illinois.  Call us today to find out how we can help you SAVE MONEY on your health care purchases.