A New Year—A New You?


Is there a person on the planet that hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution—and then failed to follow through? Setting goals may be the easy part, but turning those goals into results….? Well, we all know how hard that can be.

Whether you’re hoping to shed a few pounds, step up your level of exercise, or kick that smoking habit once and for all—you can take steps to improve your chances of success. Here are just a few ideas:
Set SMART goals. First of all, know how to set goals that will help you succeed. Here is an example of a SMART goal: “To help me lose weight, I will join a coach-based weight loss diet program for the next month with the goal of losing ten pounds.”

weight lossHere’s what makes this a SMART goal:·

Specific: The goal is precise. Your goal isn’t just to diet more. With this goal, you will know exactly how much weight you intend to lose, and a weight loss coach can guide you to that goal within a month’s time.

· Measurable: You can tell whether or not you have achieved the goal.

· Achievable: Your goal should challenge you, but not be overwhelming. You’re already eating raw carrots and brown rice cakes for breakfast for the past month. So you know that it’s likely that you can commit to a diet program for one month.

· Relevant: This goal is appropriate because diet is a key part of a weight-loss or weight-management plan.

· Time-bound: Your goal is limited in time. At the end of a month, you can continue with this goal or commit to a new one. 1,2

Start small, think big. Starting with small steps can help you succeed. But as you set goals, keep an eye on the big picture: How does this goal fit in with the rest of your life? With the SMART goal above, for example, it may help to remember that a good diet has a positive impact on your overall health, whether or not you lose weight. It may give you more energy, decrease stiffness, and help you keep up with your kids—or grandkids.2,3,4

Stay motivated. Understanding the big picture is one way to stay motivated for the long haul. What else keeps you motivated?
· Try the buddy system. Have someone who’s supportive join you. It really works.

· Visualize success. Picture yourself walking through the neighborhood. You can also use positive self-talk to stay on track. “I feel so much better after losing that weight.”

· Reward yourself. Once you’ve met your goal, reward yourself with something material, like a movie or a pedicure—but not food. Or, you can try something less tangible like a quiet evening of meditative relaxation inspired by essential oil vapors and soothing music.

· `If you slip up, start over. This doesn’t make you a bad person. Congratulate yourself for your past successes, and begin again.5,6

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Nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or is a substitute for professional advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other medical professional if you have questions or concerns about a medical condition.


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